THE TUNE IN 10 WEEK PROGRAMME -Developing Social Skills

Facilitated group work programme designed for all groups of young people on 'developing social skills' through a process of working together in an active and experiential way.  TUNE IN ....

It's a known fact . . .

Poor social skills can be a starting point for a host of difficulties which young people may face;

- Dysfunctional relationships

- Pursuing harmful or damaging lifestyles

- Involvement in conflict situations

- Problems with authority 

- Difficulty understanding emotions or managing them effectively 

- Higher risk of unemployment

 In line with current thinking on Early Intervention, THE TUNE IN 10 WEEK PROGRAMME 'developing social skills'  improves language and communication, is designed to encourage reflection and change, through exploration of information, techniques and skills for young people to test out , develop and integrate into their lives.

Offers immediate and long term benefits;

group table

- Raises learners awareness of the value of working on social skills

- Learning activities in a safe and supportive environment that encourages the development of social skills

- Route to better self image

- Improved self esteem and confidence

- Better management of self and interaction with others


team cert

THE PROGRAMME  covers six social skills modules; Introducing social skills, Developing communication skills, Non verbal communication, Understanding and managing emotions, Developing assertiveness skills, Seeing it from others point of view.


All learning activities acknowledge the importance of experiential, contributory and active learning, working and building on from the learners' staring points.  This innovative programme makes full use of training and learning techniques to maximise learners choice and incorporates;

- Self assessments

- Planning and target setting

- Word storming

- Practical individual and team tasks and exercises

- Active Reviewing

- Discussion - small and whole group

- Hot seating 

- Role play

- One to one reviews

- Learner evaluations


Please contact us for more information on programme availability and prices.

Get INTUNE is also a registered centre for running ASDAN accredited short courses on; Leadership, Beliefs & Values, Identity, Citizenship, PSHE, and Environmental. Please contact us for more information.



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THE TUNE IN 10 WEEK PROGRAMME -Developing Social Skills

Facilitated group work programme designed for all groups of young people on 'developing social skills' through a process of working…
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